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Yeu Saigon Cafe covers all the bases of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese food may not be really popular in Indonesia compared to other Asian food such as Japanese or Thai but it should be. Especially because we use similar herbs. One of the hidden gems among Vietnamese restaurants in Jakarta is Yeu Saigon Cafe. Praba Madhavan and his wife, Le Thi Tuyet Mai who is from Vietnam came up with the idea because it was hard for them to find an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Jakarta. The interiors are designed by Le Thi Tuyet Mai herself who brought some decorations from Vietnam. She also developed the menu and brought chefs from Vietnam to further enhance the restaurant’s authenticity.

Vietnamese food was influenced by Chinese and French food because of the war. The food also considered as one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide which is also the aim of Yeu Saigon Cafe which presents a wide range of tasty treats — that are good for you, too! With herbs playing a major role in the cuisine, the owners grow their own – which ensures only the freshest of ingredients go into every dish.

Yeu Saigon Cafe’s menu is extensive – and thick – because it covers the cuisine extensively. But allow The Peak to be your guide on what to eat at Saigon Cafe. For the appetiser, Bánh Bèo Tôm is the perfect choice. This is a steamed rice cake with ground shrimp in it. One needs to eat in in one bite because that’s when one feel the amazing sensation going on inside the mouth. The rice cake is so soft but combined with ground shrimp and baguette cuts making it a perfect combination of soft and crunchy. One also needs to put a bit of fish sauce because it will add a sweet savoury taste in your mouth. It will be an amazing culinary experience. One of the exotic appetiser that can be one’s choice is the BÒ Lá LÕt – Bánh HÒi which is a beef rolls in Vietnamese Lá LÕt leaf served with thin vermicelli and herbs. This is also other fantastic dish offers in the restaurant because one can taste the rich ingredients sink into the beef rolls.

If one remembers former U.S. President Obama’s visit to Vietnam when he visited a modest restaurant by the street with chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain, they both ate some kind of Vietnamese noodles. The noodles is actually called Bún Chā Hà Nôi and one doesn’t need to go to Vietnam just to try this dish because Yeu Saigon Cafe serves this food as well. Bún Chā Hà Nôi is a perfect main course for anyone who is bored with Pho. It’s a Hanoi style vermicelli noodles served with grilled chicken.

The showstopper is Miên Lu’o’n Hà Nôi which is a noodle soup with fried eel glass. This dish is just simply amazing, the restaurant mixes light but rich ingredients of noodle soup with crispy eel. The sensation of eating the combination of soup and crispiness of the eel is a match made in heaven. Praba notes that this dish is his long time favourite which is understandable because it’s really delicious and great for people with adventurous taste buds when it comes to tasting exotic foods. Yeu Saigon Cafe is perfect for those who want to try new things as well as concern about their healths because all the food in here are guaranteed healthy since it’s all MSG free.

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