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Tucano’s brings a new experience to enjoy barbeque dining differently.

Last year, most Indonesians were probably not familiar with churrasco, a term that originated from Southern Brazil, meaning barbeque. One of the newest restaurants in Jakarta that familiarise this dining concept is Tucano’s. Taking social media by storm, the restaurant becomes a trend among food bloggers and making food enthusiasts curious about this new eating experience. Tucano’s offers all-you-can-eat style churrasco or usually known as rodizio where one doesn’t need to get up to take the meat, the chef and staff will bring the whole skewer of meat throughout the meal to one’s table. Everything is well-thought at Tucano’s as the restaurant provides three different colour magnet signals that one can put on their table and each colour has different meanings. The Tucano’s cue as it is called, the green cue indicates servers that customer wishes more meat selections brought to their plates. Whenever customer wishes to pause or finish with the service, they can exchange the green cue to red cue. As complementary to reduce level of cholesterol after eating meats, customers can raise the yellow cue to ask servers to deliver pineapple skew. The restaurant serves a wide variety of different cuts of beef such as Picanha (Top Sirloin), Alcatra (Sirloin), Fraldinha (Outside Skirt), as well as Carnero (Lamb) and chickens. With a popular Brazillian serving style, which called “espeto corridor”, the waiters will move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the customers’ plates as requested.

Besides the meat selection that freshly brought to the table, Tucano’s offers different kind of main course such as Moqueca, the traditional Brazilian Fish Stew, on the all-you-can-eat buffet. This dish originally comes from Southeast of Brazil and the Brazilian locals have been making Moqueca for at least 300 years and this dish is the pride of Brazilian food. However, surprisingly the dish has similar flavour like Indonesian food since it is using coconut milk. Moqueca is really suitable for Indonesian palettes since it’s strangely taste like Javanese traditional dish, Sambal Tumpang. Indonesians would familiar with the taste. Chef Aldecy da Silva Bastos, the Executive Chef at Tucano’s crafted Moqueca perfectly, the spices and the coconut milk absorbed into the fish producing a rich flavour in the inside. Pair it with Brazilian white rice, and one would have the absolute eating experience. For other suggestions from the buffet is the Chef’s Recommendation salad which is a salad experiment from Chef Aldecy and changing based on his moods. One can find a wide range of salad selections at Tucano’s such as Salada de Jaca (Jackfruit Salad), Salpicao de Frango (Brazilian Chicken salad), Salada de Ovo (egg salad) among others. While waiting for the meat to be brought to one’s table, one can enjoy others deep-fried food such as Croquette de Carne and Banana Fritters as well as the amazing Ensopado de Carne (Brazilian Beef Stew).

After the heavy meal, wrap up your churrasco dining experience with the best Brazilian Milk Pudding. Available at the buffet, this pudding is really out of this world. The texture is so soft and it has the perfect amount of sweets, so even for people who don’t like sweet, this pudding is still acceptable. It is paired with caramel on top, which makes it a worthwhile experience to end one’s meal.

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