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Sequoia offers a relaxed, modern way to explore the Coral Triangle.

In October I was invited by Coral Triangle Safaris to explore Indonesia’s wonderful islands on board the Sequoia, the handcrafted boat. Offering a variety of tour options with activities to match guests’ requirements this is an excellent way to discover some of the country’s many treasures.

Completed in 2017, Sequoia is a modern take on the classic wooden yacht. Named after the giant Sequoia tree, one of the oldest living organisms on earth, this handcrafted yacht was designed as an heirloom vessel for generations of families to enjoy.

Using traditional, Indonesian Bugis boat construction, the hull and superstructure are comprised or Ironwood and Teak. The interior fittings and mechanic components are integrated into a state of the art American engine room and electrical power systems.

Custom designed light fixtures illuminate the night sky and the underwater lighting allows you to see some of the magic below. With Sequoia, East meets West with modern, custom-made amenities, melded with Indonesian tropical island beauty. You will be able to enjoy this remote island wonderland in complete comfort.

Sailing aboard a yacht is the ultimate luxury especially with a 360-degree view of the most pristine oceans in the world. The Sky Deck features a platform that offers endless vistas- from sunrise to sunset. Guests can enjoy drinks and meals at the large central table or relax under one of the two clamshell day beds. It is the ultimate venue to enjoy dinner and gaze at the stars into the midnight blue.

For those who enjoy sunbathing or just enjoying some time outside reading, the open deck area in front of the wheelhouse is perfect. Here one can also sit up in front and enjoy the breeze. When it’s time to rest and refresh in the privacy of one’s room, there are different types of rooms offered. There’s the Great Room which is a large open-air style room and surrounded by 20 handmade teak-louvered doors. There are also choices of suites that are fitted out with hand-carved king bed with Belgian linen or Egyptian cotton bedding.

Although Sequoia utilises an advanced turbo-diesel engine for its primary propulsion, the 3 large Doyle USA sails provide alternative and complimentary power when the winds are favorable.

This allows you to feel the exhilaration of wind power pushing Sequoia to its destination much like the early explorers of the 16th century.

When it comes to dining, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team, led by 2 classically trained chefs from Jakarta, creates unique, South East Asia flare from the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Guests are served dishes that are meticulously prepared, artfully presented and utterly delicious.

One may choose to dine in the spectacular great room, al fresco in our sky deck, or on any number of beautiful island beach settings.

The chefs create sumptuous breakfasts, comfort foods for lunch or snack, delights with sunset tea, cocktails before fine dining, and dinners and dessert that are mememorable.

The Coral Triangle is comprised of thousands of magical Islands each unique in terms of landscapes and culture. Guests can tailor their island adventure to include activities such as hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, treks up a volcano, and shopping in local markets.

One can also visit local communities such as in Watublapi, Maumere. Here one can see handicraft production such as Ikat weaving as well traditional dances.

Comprising West Papua, the Moluccas, and the lesser Sunda islands, one is certainly invited to expeience the magic of the coral triangle on board a sophisticated and beautiful boat.

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