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A tribute to Breitling’s rich history, the Navitimer 1884 limited series combines the famous 1952 aviation slide rule with a calendar featuring a pointer-type date display and twin day/month apertures for which the brand was renowned in the 1940s. 1884 is first and foremost a date: that of the founding of Breitling by Léon Breitling, a keen devotee of chronographs and precision instruments. 1884 is now a watch, a limited series of the famous Navitimer perfectly summing up Breitling’s vocation and its range of passions. Useful, user-friendly functions, with a complete calendar displaying the day and the month through twin apertures at 12 o’clock, and the date by means of a central pointer tipped with a moon crescent: a system known as Datora that became a 1940s Breitling bestseller.

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