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As world economies heave and shake as the global economic climate unleashes its fury, economists have been consulted for their knowledge and expertise on the future of change, especially in terms of wealth management and market structure. David Rimbo, Managing Partner – Transaction Advisory Ernst & Young, recently sat down with us to discuss trends in the economy both at home in Indonesia and in the world at large. Following a 15-year stint in Australia where he completed his educated and began his professional life, David returned to Jakarta to help Saratoga Capital with a series of restructurings and establish their private equity arm. This was in the immediate aftermath of the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, a time when most people were leaving Indonesia following the massive fall of the economy, among other political situations at the time. "I saw it as an opportunity," David begins, invoking the Chinese philosophy whereby in a time of crisis, there is an element of opportunity and challenge and one must see it in such light. He later moved on to Deloitte and more recently Ernst & Young where he works primarily on M&A advisory, restructuring, IPO preparation, due diligence and related fields.

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