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A serenity place which offers an ultimate munching experience.

Text: Tara Marchelin; Photos: Gugun A. Suminarto

Jakarta’s dwellers have one more place to escape from the fatigue of their cosmopolitan city. A dine and lounge called Paris-Tokyo Moonshine has just opened and offers a sanctuary for people to be connected and disconnected from their life as a city community. Nestled on the 8th floor of Noble House Building, Moonshine gives serenity with the relaxing ambience as if it is far from the noise of the capital city. As you stepped into the restaurant, you can feel a strong atmosphere of speakeasy lounge with dark interior and furniture. The eye-catching chandeliers are installed along the room and enhance the elegant and glamour vibe.

Moonshine aims to give the best culinary experience by combining culture and modern culinary artistry that indulges people taste bud with three varieties of cuisines, which are Western, Asian, and Indonesian. When The Peak visited Moonshine, the lounge served palatable dishes that started with Bobby’s Charcuterie Platter which, definitely, satisfies all the meat lovers. It’s a plate consists of various kind of meat from four countries which are Italian Parma Ham, Spanish Iberico, France Saucisson, and Australian Smoked Chorizo. The platter is perfectly served with walnut cranberry bread, olives, and gherkins.

Besides the finest meat from all over the world, Moonshine serves fresh and mouth-watering seafood in two different styles. For those who are fans of Japanese cuisine, Salmon & Cheese Sushi Roll might suit their taste. The combination of a piece of salmon, pieces of cucumber, barbeque sauce inside the sushi blend perfectly with slices of avocado, cream cheese, and red egg fish, as the topping, and creates a fresh yet creamy taste in the mouth. Moonshine also has a brand new sushi in their menu, called Prawn Sushi Roll. Once the sushi is served, sure you couldn’t resist trying it as it has an enticing presentation with bright orange colour. The sushi which filled with seared prawn and takwan has creamy, a little bit spicy and smokey taste that come from torched mentaiko sauce topping. Still, from the seafood-based menu, there is Salmon Pizzeta, a thin crust pizzeta topped with pieces of cured salmon, slices of red onion, capers, slices of tomato, watercress and feta cheese. As you bite the pizzeta, you can taste the salty flavour of capers balanced with the refreshing watercress and red onion. All those ingredients enhance the rich flavour of cured salmon and feta cheese.

Other than the meat and seafood, Paris Tokyo’s Crispy Chicken on Salad can be a great choice to fulfil your hunger since it has a complete combination of protein, carbohydrate, and fibre. The dish contains a Japanese style deep fried chicken leg with secret sauce which served on baby lettuce and sushi rice. At the end of the meal, don’t forget to try Tart Pear Bandaloue, Moonshine’s signature dessert which is an Almond France tart with caramelized pears.


Drink It Up

Moonshine might be new in town but don't underestimate what comes from their exquisite bar. With the magic hands of the bartenders, Moonshine serves cocktails in a unique way, as seen in one of their signature cocktails, Smokey Hunter. Smokey Hunter is made from a mixture of whiskey, Cointreau, and cognac. Using a smoke gun, the bartender smokes the mixture with spices which are star anises and cloves. The spices' smoke tones down the whiskey, Cointreau, and cognac mixture and balances the taste. It also gives strong smokey taste to the drink that stays long in the mouth.


Aside from Smokey Hunter, Moonshine has Violet Blast which made from gin, Cointreau, vodka, blue curacao syrup, grenadine syrup, and lemon juice. Violet Blast has a strong sensation once you sip it and leaves a smooth after taste. Though it seems cute with purple colour and flower garnish, Violet Blast suit both for the lady and gentleman who crave for more than just an ordinary drink.

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