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An Event Where “Off The Wall” Lives

Text: Shirley Candrawardhani; Additional Photos and Text: House of Vans Indonesia

For the first time, The House of Vans 2018 was held in Jakarta on November 30th. The House of Vans is where “Off The Wall” lives, is a place where imagination let's loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops, and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls, or stomps through its door.

Located in Livespace SCBD, Jakarta, this event attracts many youngsters, especially those who like skateboarding and Vans. Although the main attractions of this event are skate and music, it also featured other various fun activities, such as Custom Culture, DIY Custom Workshop Shoes, and Off The Wall Ride & Skate Clinic.

Custom Culture is a form of vans support for freedom of expression and creation in the world of art and design. In 2018, Vans held Vans Asia Custom Culture art competition that uses a slip-on model to expressed the unlimited creativity. In its third year, the Vans Custom Culture art competition inspires people across Singapore to embrace their creativity and draw attention to the importance of art as an integral part of our society and culture.

At the DIY Shoes Custom Workshop, Vans presents the winner of the 2018 Custom Culture art competition from Indonesia, FURA26, to guide and share tips on creating art on Vans. Furthermore, on the Off The Wall Ride & Skate Clinic, the participants who registered were invited to skate with other players and at the same time, they can show off their skills. For those who want to skate for the first time, Vans provide the best skate coaches to teach about the basics of skateboarding.

Not to forget, Indonesian musicians namely, Elephant Kind, Seringai, and Jerinx also heated up the event. And also, the visitors were able to take part in several games that provided by the organizer while enjoying waffles and fresh drinks.

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