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Tan Albert Sutanto brings the cinematic universe directly to movie fans.

TEXT: Iwan M. Putuhena; PHOTOS: Gugun A. Suminarto


Time Machine Indonesia is an escape game created by Tan Albert Sutanto for those who enjoy playing games and watching movies. His mission is to bring real experiences based on the movies you love that can make your imagination run wild. Recently, The Peak interviewed Tan about his venture, creative development, and the future of escape game.

For those who are not familiar, escape game is a cross between adventure and mystery with a goal to survive or escape from the room. Players have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives. The games at Time Machine Indonesia have been hailed as some of Jakarta’s most deeply engaging experience with creative concepts or “episodes”.

Tell us about your background

Since a young age, my hobbies are graphic design, watching movies and playing video games. When I lived in L.A, I used to accompany my brother to movie sets in Hollywood. I observed how they combine both CGI and props for sci-fi movies, which makes the end result looks real. From there I wanted to be in the business, not as an actor but as a creator, especially in storytelling and developing movie sets.

What makes you decide to get into this venture?
After I studied Graphic Design at LaSalle College Indonesia, I explored business opportunities where I can apply my passion. Around 2015, when escape game started to enter Indonesia, I tried to play but at that time I thought the concept was not complete and appealing, however, the market is here. So I started to develop, and I thought why not create a theme that people already familiar based on movies such as Harry Potter or 28 Days Later, because the players or fans can relate, and they already know the story where they can recall certain trivia or puzzle from the movie. The concept can bring fans and for non-fans to the cinematic universe where they won't feel bored because its filled with the ambiance, sound and the overall experience from the movie.

Did you do all the design and concept?
Yes, I did everything, from interior design, lighting, props, sound, and all the details, including contractor to build the set. That's where I apply all my graphic design skills. My team and I try our best to present the movie concept to the game where players can see that we are not only using the movie names but we make it as authentic as possible.

What games you currently offer?
Right now we have Harry Potter, Resident Evil, Iron Man, Annabel, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Cemetery, and Apocalypse which is based on Fall Out video game. The escape games available at our outlets in PIK, Pluit and Muara Karang.

What is your next project?
I want to bring back the time where everyone can interact and play together instead of being occupied with their gadget. In the near future, I'm building a shooting range, a spots concept with shooting experience.

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