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UK/ID Brings Indonesian And British Artists To Build A Creative Partnership

Text: Tara Marchelin ;Photo: Photos by Gugun A. Suminarto

Indonesia and United Kingdom are known as two friendly and creative archipelago countries that have a lot of cooperation in many sectors, but very little amount when it comes to contemporary cultural sector. To encourage the collaboration in contemporary cultural sector, UK/ID, a 3 years campaign program that enables artists from Indonesia and United Kingdom to collaborate, held The Other Festival as part of UK/ID Festival. In association with British Council, The Other Festival was held from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4 and showcased interesting art installations that created by the collaboration of artists from both countries.


Caglar Kimyoncu (UK) X Abdi Karya (ID) X Pamflet (ID)

What Makes You Who You Are is a video installation exhibited in six flat screen TVs and requires visitors to use a headphone to enjoy the installation. The video invites and encourages visitors to reflect identity with questions on what ‘makes’ us who we are in the context of disability, origins, to sexuality. The installation created by Caglar Kimyoncu, an artist from United Kingdom who collaborates with Makassar-based performance artist Abdi Karya. 


Ikbal Lubys & Tony Maryana (ID) X Laurie Crombie (UK) X Abandon Normal Devices (UK)

The Hive is a musical installation with vibrating chimes for visitors to interact with. Created from a collaboration between Indonesian artists, Ikbal Lubys and Tony Maryana, with British artist Laurie Crombie and catalyst Abandon Normal Devices, The Hive resembles a suspended organic hive structure. The installation made from parts of Gamelan bars, a form of percussive Indonesian music using gongs and xylophone-type instruments.  The Hive is originally created in response to the mouth of Peak Cavern, Castleton as part of the Abandon Normal Devices 2017 Festival.

100 Masters of Semarang

Hysteria Collective (ID) X Creative Black Country (UK)

100 Masters of Semarang is a campaign video installation which aims to identify contemporary skilled people from Semarang and helps to inspire future talents. The video offers local people a fresh perspective about the strengths, skills, talent and expertise surfacing from their locality and community. 100 Masters of Semarang created from a collaboration between Liam Smyth from Creative Black Country and Adin Mbuh from Hysteria Collective in Semarang. 


Waft Lab (ID) X Robbie Thomson (UK)

2-TAK is a two-stroke engine which hacked by electronic and sound in order to create a memorable installation. The creators, which are Waft Lab from Indonesia and Robbie Thomson from United Kingdom, want to provide a learning space that accessible for public as they use social media to share their current location. Inspired by the culture of motorbike, 2-TAK engages visitors to learn about mechanic DIY (Do It Yourself), electronic, motorbike, and history. 


Double Deer Records (ID) X Sprechen Music (UK)

Coming Together is a collaboration project between Manchester based label Sprechen Music, with Jakarta-based music collective Double Deer Music, which showcased in an art installation consists of the collaboration process photos. The collaboration enables musicians from both countries to exchange ideas, experiment with the process, create, collaborate, perform, and share artistic experiences.

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