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A Great Retreat

Revivo Wellness Resorts offers various types of bespoke retreats exclusively designed based on each guest’s needs.

As quoted from Leonardo Da Vinci, “a well spent day brings happy sleep,” sometimes it makes one think whether one had a productive day that can lead to a deep sleep at night. The National Sleep Foundation released a study that took more than two years of research about how many recommended hours one needs to take when sleeping. For adults, ranging from age 26 to 64 is recommended to sleep seven to nine hours per day for longevity and health. However, when work comes in the way, most people prefer to stay late and finish it even when that means they need to sacrifice their sleep schedule.

For busy people, a deep sleep is necessary to recharge after a long day, but it might a bit difficult to find the right time. Revivo Wellness Resorts can be the solution for that. Located at the resort complex of Nusa Dua, Bali, the resort offers a different type of retreat to energize the guests after a well-spent holiday and feel refresh when going back to their hectic days. Meaning ‘I’ll live again’ in Latin, Revivo brings together the ultimate in health and wellness experience in luxurious surroundings. The Peak was invited to try the Sleep Well retreat for four days, however Revivo also offers various types of retreat that are bespoke based on the guests’ needs including Emotional Balance & Mind Training, Detox & Organic Weight Loss, Anti-Aging & Longevity, Destress & Relax and Mother-to-be retreats that take minimum three days to reach a maximum result.

Revivo is nestled in a very secluded area that can be guaranteed guest can sleep safe and sound because it’s so far from Bali’s party scene. The resort aims to soothe the spirit, rejuvenate the body and enrich the mind through a complete mind journey composed of diverse relaxation activities, holistic medicine treatments and a personal food diet based on each guest’s nutritional need. Every day it is suggested to take three MOVEO classes where guest can combine yoga and cardio exercise in a day to simultaneously cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well being. Different classes offered at the resort so guests can keep trying new experiences.

At Revivo, they also make sure guest consume enough nutrition for a day. The menu is designed by Revivo’s creative nutritionist chef Aliwalu. The focus is on high protein dishes which have a balanced amount of healthy fats, are low in carbs and free from gluten. Revivo supports local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally products. Before arrival, guests will be sent a questionnaire by the staffs, so guests can mention what they prefer to eat. All menu is customisable based on guests’ need which is amazing because the chef makes sure to keep healthy food menu tastes delicious and pleasing guests’ taste buds.

After taking three exercise classes a day, it’s Remissio Spa’s job to pamper guests with different types of treatments. Remissio area, brings together ancient healing traditions, aroma, hydro and chromo therapies and facilities to nurture the body and achieve overall well-being and balance. The spa stays true to the old-age tradition of using elements from the local surrounding environments to heal – each therapeutic treatment, restorative massage, nurturing body and facial treatment is customised by highly skilled therapists using herbal- infused oils, aromas and massage techniques. The most favourite massage oil is Sensual which gives one a very refreshing aroma with a bit sense of sweetness.

Spending minimum three days at Revivo surely will recharge one’s energy, it is really good to take a retreat once in a while and disconnect with the world so one can focus and rejuvenate on one’s next goals in life, because sometimes people are too caught up on their busy jobs and they forget their well-beings matter, Revivo offers to help their guests to stick on a healthy sleep schedule even after a hectic days.

Calories Counted

Revivo offers wide range of healthy food with a twist. With philosophy fresh, wholesome, organic and balance, Nutrio (Revivo’s restaurant, lounge and bar) only serving food as close to their natural state as possible. The mission is to sharpen and delight guests’ taste buds while also supporting their health. Each menu item delivers nutrients to help invigorate and nourish the body with exactly what it needs – vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.

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