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A Glimpse of Turkey

Warung Turki, the brainchild of Chef Sezai Zorlu continues to impress diners and presenting a wide range of casual Turkish cuisine.

Turkish food has been a trend in Jakarta for the past few years and Chef Sezai Zorlu is probably one of the people who familiarise Turkish cuisine to Indonesians’ taste buds. After the success with his first Turkish restaurant, Turkuaz, where he brought the authentic taste from Ottoman Empire, Chef Zorlu opened up his second Turkish restaurant called Warung Turki. Located in Kemang, Jakarta, this restaurant brought a glimpse of Turkey. When one takes a walk inside, it’s like being transported to a quaint village in Mediterranean Turkey. The third floor is perhaps diners’ favourite when they visit this restaurant. Two large artificial trees installed, decorated with Mediterranean-pattern lamps and shades the dining space. Chef Zorlu wants to give away Turkish village vibe in summer where people will go outside the house and have lunch under a big tree. Warung Turki is Chef Zorlu’s tribute to the cooking he loves the most, the cooking of his mother, “Warung Turki is more ‘deep’ for me as this is where I serve food I used to eat and cook with my mom and grandmother in my hometown village, where the food is dictated by the seasonal produce and vegetables that we grew ourselves,” he notes. Maybe that is why Warung Turki has more casual vibe than Turkuaz.

In the menu, diners can enjoy rustic and authentic wood charcoal grill wood fire oven dishes. The delicious Firinda Kuzu Incik (lamb shank) can be one’s choice when visiting Warung Turki. The lamb is marinated overnight and the ingredients soaked in perfectly into the meat. The slow cooking technique is used to successfully make the lamb tender and very easy to chew. Even for people who don’t like lamb because of its strong smell, this dish a must-try. One can barely feel the strong flavour of the lamb coming out, one would’ve tasted the herbs and spices instead. Firinda Kuzu Incik is served with baked mushroom, shallots and garlic which perfect the taste of the dish itself when eaten together. Butter rice is the carbs pair for the dish, eat it together, one won’t stop eating the dish. Kagit Kebab is also one of the recommended choices when dining here. This wood oven baked minced meat kebab with chili and tomatoes comes in three choices of meat, namely Dana (beef), Kuzu (lamb) and Tavuk (chicken). The Peak tried Dana Kagit Kebab which tastes incredibly amazing. Again, the marinated overnight beef wins over the diners’ hearts since the spices and herbs soak into the meat. No condiments needed to eat this mouthwatering dish because the flavour stands out for itself.

It’s not complete when one visits a Turkish restaurant without eating their famous appetiser, the warmly served Pide Ekmegi (bread with sesame) with the top three favourite Turkish dips, zeytinyagli hummus, babaganuc, and gavurdagi salatasi. Served as a package called Mezze Platter, the authentic Turkish appetiser will make one keeps digging for the dips and wish it was infinite. For the dessert, Warung Turki’s baklava is a must. One can order the mixed baklava which consists of pistachio, almond, chocolate hazelnut and walnut flavours. One tip on how to enjoy the delicious dessert is to eat it upside down so one can taste the syrup that soaked into the 24 layers of hand-rolled fillos perfectly. Baklava is also one of the right ways to end a hearty all Turkish cuisine dinner. To sum up, Warung Turki is the perfect place for those who have adventurous taste buds and always wanting to try cuisines from around the world.

Jalan Kemang Raya No.18A, Jakarta

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