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A Family Affair, A Love Affair

Parfums Henry Jacques embodies nearly half a century of excellence and creativity through serving the world’s greatest.


Parfums Henry Jacques breathe the very essence of their founder, Henry Jacques Cremona. It was Henry Cremona’s inexhaustible passion for perfume and an encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French Perfume tradition in 1970s which inspired him to set up his perfume house in 1975.

An avid traveller and an obsession for rarity and perfection, Henry Jacques travelled the world over to seek the best ingredients. The brand instinctively found its legitimacy in the universe of the discerning few and Henry Jacques’ exquisite creations soon become treasures for connoisseurs.

For many years, Parfums Henry Jacques has worked discreetly to satisfy the special requests of its clients. After a long preparation, Parfums Henry Jacques recently unveiled the Les Classiques collection, a selection of outstanding creations available in-store.


The inspiration from each scent is derived from a constant mingling of memory and senses, coupled with alchemy of colours, textures and memories of buried emotions. Like a musician, the perfumer at Parfums Henry Jacques carefully selects his palette of notes and blends them to compose a shimmering symphony of scent.

Les Classiques Collection

Henry Jacques is rejuvenating the beauty of a gesture with its new collection of fifty Essences

Parfums Henry Jacques has consistently challenged itself to create a selection of perfumes representative of the endless aromatic endeavour that has been accomplished. The entire variety of the Henry Jacques legacy needed to be characterised in a collection that is accessible to all. Thus, the introduction of the Les Classiques Collection, which is a collection of fifty unique fragrances, is the point of entry to the Henry Jacques universe.

One of the foundations of the Henry Jacques’ identity, the purity of the Essences, reintroduced an elegant gesture that has been forgotten for too long – applying perfume to the skin. Each nectar has enhanced the personality of a woman or man with great taste.

The formula seems to appeal to every individual, which speaks to all impression of life. The perfumer becomes a matchmaker between customers and the ideal they seek day after day.

Henry Jacques unveils at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Since its introduction, Henry Jacques has sought to please with their style of excellence and unparalleled luxury. These qualities are reflected as you set foot into the Henry Jacques boutique at Marina Bay Sands, which is the very first in the world. Beyond mere decoration, Christope Tollemer, the artistic director, has tailored a space where the enchantment of the maison’s creations can fully come into existence. The boutique echoes the glorious standards of historic Parisian apartments, never once denying grandeurs of the past and bestowing modernity with timeless charms.

The main design is made of old solid oak with mouldings that were sculpted by hands in basswood and finished with gildings, while the ceilings are covered with Régence gold leaf, the work of a French master painter, Mr. Louis-Daniel Jouve.

Elegantly furnished, the inner, more intimate space, is softened with premium fabrics from Holland & Sherry. Flennel-clad walls and hemp flooring surrounds the perfume organ, the beating heart of Henry Jacques. Framing the organs are six lithographs by French artists: Pierre Roy Camille, Pierre Tal Coat and François Houdart. These art pieces, provided by the Gallerie Maeght are an ode to French contemporary art and holds a special place in our hearts. While the perfume organ takes a central place, the collections themselves are hidden from sight, waiting to be discovered.

From abstract art to windows filled with childhood dreams, each contrasting detail shows the balance between the distant world and the Henry Jacques legacy.

The boutique’s furnishing is a seamless blend of personal creations, contemporary designs and treasured antiques imbued with history and fond memories, a style synonymous with all of Tollemer’s work.

The Henry Jacques boutique in Singapore offers bespoke perfumery service that it is renowned for and an inimitable range of perfume collection.

Bayfront Avenue, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 01-08A. Singapore 018971

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