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The Best Way to Enjoy Tequila

The longest-standing and most highly revered tequila brand in the world, Jose Cuervo, launched its latest campaign in Indonesia named ‘WHY WAIT’ at Ocha & Bella, Morrissey Hotel, Jakarta. The campaign encourages Indonesians to embrace the brand’s true characters of inspiring, forward-thinking, and dynamic. In line with the campaign launch, Jose Cuervo also introduced the best ways to enjoy tequila beyond lime wedge and salt.

Jose Cuervo showed its forward-thinking character in ‘WHY WAIT’ campaign launch by presenting some of the best ways to enjoy tequila. One of them is the Sensación de Frío area, where consumers can enjoy Jose Cuervo Tradicional in an icy room. Additionally, Jose Cuervo presented the global recipe Cuervo Squeeze and a signature drink that was especially made for this event, WHY WAIT Paloma. Another innovation by Jose Cuervo is the collaboration with Pastry Chef Charins Chang to create a unique and authentic chocolates that are infused by Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. Jose Cuervo will also release a new label that will be available this year.


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