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The Advocate of Nature

An art begins with a touch in fashion, KaIND has lived and continues its legacy by carrying the beauty of natural surroundings in Pasuruan, through an authentic design of batik tulis by KaIND such as Parang Ayu, Tansah Kelingan, Mundak Arum and Mawar Selong, KaIND has always inclined itself with timeless themes, soft colours and captivating looks which made every piece to be one of a kind, rare, as well as delightful.

Advocating as an eco-conscious brand, KaIND embraces batik tenun which is made by non-machinery weaving tools as known as ATBM (Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin) and uses the cocoons of Eri, Cricula and Attacus silkworms. Each silkworm evolves into different kind of cocoon that gives an edge to KaIND’s design of batik tenun to be unique and philosophical.

Ranging from hand-woven scarves and batik cloths to home living collection, KaIND adequately fits to preserve one of the most prestigious heritage of Indonesia.

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