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Hard Work and Perseverance

A soft-spoken man with a sense of humour, Jamil Achmad, is keeping himself busy running the business of direct selling and networking under the fast-growing company PT. Wahana Insan Nurani, also known as WIN Group. He is humble about his stature as the CEO of WIN Group and prefers to be off the spotlight. In the last three years, he laid the foundation of his company while working in the fields developing a business model that generates new entrepreneurs equipped with knowledge and a network of business that spread across Indonesia.

Family is one of the greatest motivations for Jamil that got to where he is today. He was born and raised in Soni, a small village in Central Sulawesi by a family that values hard work, which shaped his success. In the 1980s the economy in the village was difficult. Meanwhile, the nearest city is Palu which is just about 300 kilometres away. “Since no one ever heard the name of my village, I always say I’m from Japan because it sounds like a Japanese brand,” the 40-year-old says with a laugh.

Building a Dream

As the eldest child, growing up he dreamed of moving to a big city and succeed. In middle school, he was actively organised in the boyscout, where he had the opportunity to visit Jakarta for the first time in 1991 for National Scout Jamboree. It was a one week journey from Sulawesi to Jakarta by bus and ferryboat. “I remembered looking at the tall buildings once I arrived in Jakarta, and my head was literally outside the window of the bus,” says Jamil who cherish the moment of himself as a village boy. “I promised myself that time that one day I will move [to Jakarta] because it seems that life is good in the city”

In 1994, while attending high school in Palu, Jamil served as members of the Paskibraka Central Sulawesi Province, which is a youth organisation that responsible for raising and lowering the heirloom national flag in ceremonies commemorating the independence day of Indonesia, whether at the district, provincial or national level. Those who have served involves in an organisation called Purna Paskibraka Indonesia (PPI), where it paved his mentality to organise and work in a team, as well as developed his spirit of nationalism. Today, Jamil designed the idea of PPI Entrepreneur as a forum for Purna Paskibraka Indonesia who wants to become an entrepreneur by providing training and business opportunities.

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