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Totally Thailand

Please your taste buds with authentic Thailand cuisine at Busaba.

With the same herbs and spices used in Indonesian food, Thai cuisine is probably one of the most popular foreign food in this country. Most Indonesian perhaps are familiar with popular Thai dishes such as pad thai or tom yum. One of the Thai restaurants that just recently opened in Jakarta is Busaba. Located at Pacific Place Mall, the restaurant offers a wide range of Thai cuisine to please your taste buds. Busaba serves dishes like Yam Tua (Wing Bean Salad) and Yam Som O (Pomelo Salad) that aren’t really popular for Indonesians yet it’s worth to try.

Owned by Jittlada Group, a company that has been famous for their Thailand restaurants all over Jakarta, the food in Busaba is exceptional. For the appetiser, Busaba has a lot of variations such as Plamek Tod Krob (fried squid) that seems appealing to the eye as well as the Gai Satay (chicken satay). When it comes to the main course, Busaba serves one of the best Tom Yum in Jakarta. The taste of the soup is amazing, it captures the spiciness and sourness of a perfect Tom Yum soup which will make one keep digging for more. Served with two big prawns inside the soup, it helps to elevate the taste and making the soup fresher. Busaba’s Tom Yum is totally worth to crave for. One of their signature dishes is Grilled Wagyu Rib Eye. The wagyu beef is grilled with charcoal and serve with northeastern style chili dip. The texture of the wagyu is just amazing, it’s tender and the ingredients soak perfectly inside the meat. The wagyu is best eaten with the chili dip since it adds the spiciness level to the tasty meat. Since Busaba located in a mall which closes to expatriates’ offices, the mall required the restaurant to have western food in their menu. One probably think ‘why would I eat western food in an Asian restaurant?’ but one should try Busaba’s Pad Kimau which is basically stir-fried spaghetti with chilli and holy basil. The mix of two cultures captures perfectly in this dish. The spaghetti is delicious and it will be like a whole new flavour going on inside one’s mouth. It’s got the sour, sweet and spicy taste inside, making it one of the must-try dish whenever one visits Busaba.

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