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Innovating, optimising and reimagining the future.

Daniel Taylor

CEO & Co-Founder Of BlocSide

Can you give us a brief explanation about BlocSide Sports?

BlocSide Sports is creating the first cryptocurrency [MVP Token] for professional football that specifically used for consumer spending, so fans are able to leverage and use our digital token to purchase goods and services, unique experiences and increase the interaction with football. The easiest way to understand is similar to airline SkyMiles, so as you increase loyalty and spending, you receive the benefits and it is also a revenue opportunity for the football team. What BlocSide aims to do is combining simple application using the blockchain technology to the world’s biggest sport.

How did you come up with the idea? And how will it change the football industry?

I’ve been playing football since I was a kid. I was brought up in an athletic family so sports is a big part of my life. I ended up playing football in the U.S at Brown University. Since most of my experience was in finance, I used the knowledge in finance to understand business so that one day I can have my own company. I was very lucky that my parents supported me to explore new opportunities and turn down a job at the number one firm on Wall Street to play in a professional sport and explore my passion after I graduated. Then I met George Kazianis, my business partner, and get to know him better to understand his side of the business. Football has a big the market and economy, but the amount of corruption and politic is disturbing, even at the high level. So I want to flip the switch and be fully transparent, operate a business that is more of a classic business structure because the football business is a people business.

What are you planning to create in terms of products and services in the BlocSide platform?

MVP Token will function first as a gateway for consumers and fans to purchase exclusive goods and services on the BlocSide Platform. Such goods and services will likely include, but would not be limited to, merchandise, player and stadium memorabilia, food and beverages, and tickets.

Alex Lightman

A Futurist and CEO of TokenCommunities

Can you give us a brief explanation about TokenCommunities?

TokenCommunities is a firm that advises and assist cryptocurrency startups with the technical development of their Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Generation Events (TGEs), we are primarily a tax efficient holding vehicle that is able to source and manage potential funding through private pre-sale investors and public listings on various exchanges.

Do you think industries should implement the blockchain technology?

Not all industry needs blockchain, but for those that do need it, it eliminates intermediaries and improves overall efficiency. Currently, all blockchain company is at a trial stage. I’m optimist [in the future] that traditional company will be adopting the blockchain technology.

Do you think cryptocurrency will eventually replace fiat currency?

I think cryptocurrency and fiat currency will complement each other. If cryptocurrency integrated too fast or too slow it can cause a collapse. It should be adopted in an exact pace and for the right reason so it can strengthen existing institutions while allowing new ones to come in play. In the future, cryptocurrency will surpass the fiat currency. Even today, I see a lot of buildings that used to be banks are being used by businesses other than banks because everything in banking can be done through mobile phones.

What is your advice for those who are still sceptical with cryptocurrency?

I would advise buying some cryptocurrency because owning something is better than nothing. Buy something, sell something, do some work and pay someone in cryptocurrency. Then you will see that you can do these things without rupiah or dollar. It will change your perspective on how real it is.

Sang H. Lee

Co-founder and CEO of DarcMatter

Can you give us a brief explanation about DarcMatter?

It is a platform that investors from all around the world can access almost any investment opportunity that are previously not accessible. We’re bringing wall street to your phone where you can actually access these new opportunities and exciting things that you can access to your traditional banks.

What’s the benefit in buying the DarcMatter Coin?

From a value perspective, it already has a scarcity. Our fund managers and our investors, they have to use it. So when you have to use it, you create a scarcity in the token which increases the value. As a future investor, if you hold it today, you’ll be able to access these opportunities through your phone. So, let’s say I want to invest in a Venture Capital in the United States, right now it’s really hard from Indonesia, Korea and China, but you’ll be able to do that using DMC (DarcMatter Coin).

What would you advise for the beginners in this area who want to purchase crypto?

Some people are using fiat currency to buy crypto, I recommend not doing that because then you won’t know how to use anything. So I would recommend to go to an exchange and buy a crypto. Buy something that you can use to buy ICO and it’s really easy to do that.

Adam D. Reiser

Director of Global Business Development of Verity Inc.

What does Verity Inc do?

Make sure that consumers are buying what actually they’re trying to buy. We use verification process with all the supply chains and marketing clients through our artificial intelligence blockchain, IOT. Let’s say, I just talked to somebody about palm oil being a really big industry within Indonesia. Then you go to a supermarket and there are six palm oil that say made in Indonesia. What our company does is we make sure that those palm oil that says Made in Indonesia are actually made in Indonesia. So you can scan that palm oil and it will take you to the entire supply chain throughout Indonesia and you see all the farmers and all the operations, you’ll be able to see the faces of the farmers that have been farming or they inherited the farm from their great great great grandparents, so you’ll be able to see all the information directly to your mobile application just by scanning the EPC code.

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