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Asmat Sees The World

In an effort to preserve the culture and tradition of Asmat carving, Asmat Melihat Dunia (Asmat Sees the World) exhibition event was launched in collaboration between Yayasan Widya Cahaya Nusantara and Rumah Asuh. Open to the public until June 8 at Han Awal & Partners, visitors can learn more about Asmat through its massive carvings on display.

Recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Asmat has a museum that should be preserved and modernised, containing diverse works and cultural treasures that have been passed down from generation to generation. Located in Agats Asmat, Papua, its current condition tends to be used as a storage place where all the work has not been exhibited properly in a museum. Currently, Rumah Asuh and Yayasan Widya Cahaya Nusantara, headed by Brunoto Suwandrei Arifin, is developing the revitalisation plan for the Asmat Museum, which is based on the study of three other museums exhibiting the Asmat carvings in New York, Amsterdam and Paris.

The exhibition is expected to reintroduce the Asmat culture, especially to the young generation of Indonesia, and hoping to be able to support the renovation of Asmat Museum as well as to preserve its culture and art in the long term.

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