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The Address of Jazz in Bandung

In addition to being known as a city of culinary and shopping, Bandung is also known as a city that scored many outstanding musicians from various musical genres. Bandung became a popular city because of its unlimited creativity pushing all aspect of the industry to create something new that would attract tourist, which includes hospitality industry.

To be different or unique amid the competition of five-star hotels and the onslaught of newly built hotels is not easy, especially if you count on F & B outlets with the cultivation of cafes and restaurants in the city of Bandung. The Papandayan sees the potential of music could attract tourists to visit Bandung and make The Papandayan as an option for lodging.

The Papandayan adds additional facilities to pamper the guests with the music room or a musical stage named TP Stage. Since 2013 The Papandayan has already branded its hotel with Jazz, which considered a match with the characteristics of The Papandayan, sophisticated and elegant. Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung even acclaimed The Papandayan as The Address of Jazz In Bandung at the opening of The Papandayan Jazz Bandung Festival in 2015.

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