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BEMI Energi Indonesia commits to only provides the best oil and gas’ goods to its clients.

Being an honest person in doing business is what Suriyanti Puspadewi always remind to herself. The CEO of BEMI Energi Indonesia puts forward quality when providing oil and gas’ goods to its clients. The Peak talked to Suriyanti about the benefits to be a BEMI client, the condition of oil and gas business in Indonesia and more.

Can you tell us about your company, BEMI Energi Indonesia? In what field is your company engaged with?

I had the idea to start BEMI when I was in school in the Netherlands. After I graduated, I worked in oil and gas’ company. That was when I always had a dream to build my own company in oil and gas’ field. Since I was in the university, I already had a side job to connect people. So if one wants to purchase [oil and gas] goods, they came to me and I connected them. That is why I know a lot of people who are working in the oil and gas field. Then, I started my own company in the Netherlands. For 20 years I built my own company there, my friend asked me to come back to Indonesia to help to develop our country’s oil and gas industry. So I went back, approximately five years ago to Indonesia and started my local BEMI company here.

What are the benefits to be one of BEMI’s clients?

We imported our goods from outside because we understand that in oil and gas, all the goods need to have high standardisation and certification. Unfortunately, not a lot of company in Indonesia can provide fabrication as high as European standarisation. To get the [goods’] certification, one needs to get it from America or Europe. So, one of BEMI’s strength is we are capable to provide original goods that we imported from Europe. We also have a dedicated after sales and warranty from the company in Europe. So, our goods are very safe because we provide original goods and we will bring in the engineer from Europe if something happened to our provided goods. We have three divisions at BEMI. Pipeline division where we provide every good that is involving pipes, power division, providing everything that produces electricity such as genset (diesel generator) and processed equipment division, to produce chemical goods such as heat exchanger and more.

Seeing the fluctuate condition of oil and gas industry in Indonesia, what do you think is going to happen with our oil and gas industry?

I think there is always a place for oil and gas’ business in Indonesia. Our country will never be poor because you can find any kind of project in here. That is why a lot of people from overseas want to take part in our industry. Yes, in this recent couple years the industry is declining and a lot of people is suffering, but Indonesians are very creative. When the offshore [industry] is declining, we build the onshore [industry]. We have so many natural resources and all we need is creativity.

Is your company interested in looking into the option of green energy?

Actually, I went back to Indonesia to promote green energy but at that time, it wasn’t fully supported by our government. It was five to six years ago. Then I learned that the price of oil was declining and a lot of companies were collapsing, I knew that I need to think creatively. I need to follow the market to survive, so I entered the construction industry such as hotel and apartment’s constructions even though these aren’t the field BEMI is focusing on. Fortunately, the goods that we provide can also be used in this industry. Because of the fluctuating oil and gas industry, now green energy is being promoted in Indonesia by the government. I’m so happy that our government actually promote the green energy.

What are the goals that you would like to achieve in the future?

I want to help the drilling industry and oil and gas’ producers in Indonesia with honesty. I want to make sure that all the goods that are used are the original ones because the refurbished goods will harm many people. I want to help Indonesia to be the leading country when it comes to oil and gas because we are very rich when it comes to natural resources but we need to improve our mindset and we need to be disciplined. If we have a good quality industry, there will be a lot of investors coming to Indonesia from overseas.

As a female leader in your own company, what are the challenges to work in oil and gas industry which is a man’s world?

Yes, this industry is really a man’s world. When I first came to meetings, people thought that I’m a secretary and it is the stereotype that women don’t understand technical details. However, I studied engineering and economics, I have the knowledge. So when I explained about our products and when they saw me in the field they were surprised and they respected me. I know all the details about my products, I know about the materials and because of that they always trust me to handle when they have a problem with the products. For me, knowledge is very important and in Indonesia word of mouth is really important because that’s how you get a lot of clients. That’s the difference between Indonesia and Europe. There, it’s all about what you know [to get a project], but here, it’s all about who you know [to get a project]. So even though I have a deep knowledge of oil and gas, I need to know people. That’s why maintaining relationship is very important too.

Do you have any advice to the young generation who want to pursue a career in oil and gas industry?

Just go for it! If you really like it, you have to develop your talents. It’s an advantage to understand about various fields such as engineering and economics because when you combine it together you can go to every field that you want. Combine your knowledges with social skills and never stop learning.

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