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Ambiente Ristorante changes the whole concept after the revamp.

One of the oldest Italian restaurants in Jakarta, Ambiente Ristorante is now revamping the whole concept of the restaurant. Previously the restaurant targeted the high end people of Jakarta, however the new Ambiente Ristorante now can be enjoyed by all food enthusiasts who are looking for the authenticity of Italian Cuisine. Located at Aryaduta Hotel, Tugu Tani, the kitchen led by Chef Matteo Meacci, a native of the Tuscany region of West Central Italy. He designed the brand new menu with his creative signature touch and modify it so the food is suitable for Indonesian’s palates.

When I visited the restaurant, the vibe that comes out from it is cosy and approachable. The rustic design makes it look more sophisticated. It also has a bit of trendy vibe and perfect for people who are always on a hunt of “instagenic” places in Jakarta. Ambiente offers a whole range of menu from pasta, risotto, beef, fish and people’s favourite, pizza. Chef Meacci sources his ingredients from the local and always makes sure to keep everything fresh. “For the seafood, we only take the freshest seafood from Indonesia. We mostly get it from East Indonesia, like Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores,” he explains.

Of course, Chef Meacci delivers. When he said that he only use the fresh ingredients, it really reflects on one of his dishes that I tried. Zuppa di Pesce was the appetiser of my hearty lunch. It’s Chef Meacci’s classic Tuscan seafood soup cooked in a spicy broth. The plating of the food is so beautiful and looks like it begs one to take a picture and post it in one’s instagram. The taste is really amazing. The tomato broth mixed perfectly well with the squid, prawn and clams. It was the best feeling when the sweetness that comes out from the seafood mixed with the sour taste from the tomato, I also kept digging for the soup since it tastes really refreshing.

For the main course, Chef Meacci served us Spaghetti alle Vongole. This dish is tossed spaghetti with clams, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes, zucchine and white wine. It was really challenging to eat this dish because you have to avoid the clamshell to find more spaghetti but for me that’s the fun! I love to eat the spaghetti with zucchine, the flavour is just really tasty and it’s like a whole new flavour going on in my mouth.

The Pizza in Ambiente Ristorante is lovingly prepared by Chef Meacci. It is allowed to slowly rise, puff and prove for 48 hours before he bakes it. His philosophy is simple, he wants to serve a classic Italian handmade pizza base with fresh flavour filled ingredients “just like nonna makes.” Yes, one needs to be really patient if one wants to try Chef Meacci’s incredible pizza. Like the saying “good things come to those who wait,” Chef Meacci’s pizza is totally worth waiting for. I tried the Ambiente Pizza, Tuscan charcoal black dough, topped with Mozarella, cherry tomato, smoked salmon, grilled zucchini, and mascarpone cheese drizzled with truffle oil. When the pizza was served, I could smell the truffles which made me want to devour the pizza. The pizza is delicious and you can feel the authenticity of Italian pizza in Ambiente Pizza. The thin crust pizza is topped with a lot of Mozarella, it’s just what perhaps most people think when they are craving pizza.

“Ambiente Ristorante is back as one of the city’s top table eateries, a restaurant with a moody ambiance contrasted by unmistakable, consistent cuisine,” says Chef Meacci. The restaurant is really a good place for hang out with friends or a family gathering. Whatever the crowd is, Chef Meacci’s creations will always enchant those who crave Italian authentic cuisine.

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