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The Road Less Travelled

Being a boutique financial advisory firm has its advantages. According to Founder and Managing Partner of Helios Capital, Hadi Cahyadi, the firm has grown over the past nine years because it often accepted projects the larger firms were unwilling to.

In 2017, Helios Capital concluded deals worth significant amounts , which according to Hadi contributed meaningfully to the total financial deals conducted in Indonesia. That is no mean feat for a firm that only has 5 partners and several handpicked staff.

“We do not have a big name as we occupy a niche market,” says Hadi, an art lover and a golfer. “I truly believe that the trust we have earned from our clients is the key to where we are today.” Trust indeed is a precious commodity in the world of financial advisory. Corporate owners and chief executive officers rely on advice from trusted professionals when it comes to selling their companies or engaging in financial activities such as debt restructuring and capital raising.

“The lesson I have learned in my life journey is that nothing comes easy. One has to work hard and to succeed, you have to be different and be willing to take the road less travelled.” “Sometimes the job is tough but our philosophy reminds us to never turn down any opportunity,” says the alumnus of Tarumanagara University, where he earned an accounting degree. Hadi then went on to earn his MBA from the University of Houston and a Master of Corporate Law from RMIT University, Melbourne.

Going the extra mile helps Hadi win that trust. He is often willing to undertake projects that call for understanding, perseverance and thinking outside the box. To date he has helped clients in a variety of industries ranging from hospitality to natural resources.

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