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So Thai brings the food from the land of smiles to Jakarta.

Thai cuisine has been everyone’s favourite because the rich ingredients used and the various flavour combinations. From street food to fine dining, Thai cuisine is loved by all. In Jakarta, we have a lot of Thailand restaurants spread all around the city. One such restaurant group that has maintained the superior quality of its restaurants throughout is the Jittlada Group. The company has various Thai restaurants that cater to a wide audience. I had the chance to try one of the newest restaurants from the group, So Thai, an upscale restaurant in Plaza Indonesia. The restaurant lives up to the name because one can feel the modern Thai ambiance, and of course the amazing authentic Thai food on offer

The So Thai experience starts from their front area bar where one can relax with friends while enjoying So Thai’s mocktail creations. Come inside to the main dining area, one will be amazed by the artistic room ambiance, sculptures that will remind one of Thailand. The restaurant also has private areas for those who want to have their private events. At lunch time, one may have a hard time finding a seat because the restaurant is always crowded with people craving for Thai cuisine.

I started my Thai cuisine journey at So Thai with Miang Karm. One can say this is a unique appetiser because they put dried shrimps, shredded coconut and peanut inside a fresh Thai betel leaves. To eat this dish is challenging because one needs to wrap the leaves and put it inside one’s mouth in one eating. It may be messy but it’s totally worth it. The taste of crunchy peanut and dried shrimp is so well mixed inside the mouth making one asking for more. For the main course, I tried Goong Op Wunsen, baked prawn with vermicelli, black mushrooms, spring onion, Chinese celery and garlic placed in one clay pot. This dish shares a common taste with Indonesian fried vermicelli making it familiar for Indonesian taste buds. Goong Op Wunsen is delicious and the shrimp that put on top of the dish elevates the taste. Although it’s similar what we have daily but it’s worth to try.

If one wants to eat fried rice, it’s best to order Khao Ohb Nam-Liaeb. It’s fried rice with Chinese black olive and chicken served with fresh chillies, lime, shallot and cashew nuts. Fried rice has been a hearty comfort food for most Indonesians and the Thai version of this is almost the same. It looks a little bit more brown almost like burnt, but the taste isn’t bitter at all. The olive oil makes the fried rice taste different and not too greasy like the usual one. I like to eat the rice with the red onion and cashew nuts which adds more texture to the fried rice. The most favourite dish at So Thai would be Neua Yang, grilled Australian sirloin beef seasoned with Thai herbs. The meat absorbs the ingredients making it really delicious and perfect to be paired with the fried rice.

End the big Thai meal with So Thai’s unique dessert, Lod Chong. This can be an alternative if one is bored with Mango Sticky Rice. Lod Chong consists of sweet corn, green Thai tapioca flour noodles, black sticky rice served with coconut milk. It is a bit similar to Indonesian cendol. It tastes so refreshing and sweet makes it perfect to be eaten in Jakarta’s hot weather. To sum up the Thai cuisine experience, So Thai is really recommended for people who want to have a proper and authentic Thailand cuisine. It is guaranteed that you will have the best Thai food in Jakarta.

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