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Oasis of Health

Blue Terrace at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta offers a wide range of healthy food cooked with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to eat out and eat healthily in Jakarta. Ayana Midplaza Jakarta understands that it is a bit difficult to socialise and eat out with friends but still be able to keep a healthy lifestyle, that is why the hotel has opened a new healthy cafe called Blue Terrace. Chef Johan Kusnadi says the goal of the cafe is to provide a convenient getaway and ample opportunity for the guests. He wants the guests to experience total mind-body connection, simply by enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant’s relaxed indoor garden setting or on the patio outside. The set up of the restaurant gives away tranquility vibe. Blue and white are the main colours throughout the restaurant. Offering a sanctuary for the guests to dine among flowering blossoms and soothing greenery.

Blue Terrace’s ingredients are locally sourced by Ayana’s team that is why all the food served here tastes fresh and delicious. Packed with healthy food, Asian spices and exotic flavours, each dish is designed to not only elevate mood but also to enhance energy and brain power. The first signature dish that is a must-try is Baby Gems Wraps. The dish contains romaine lettuce leaves stuffed with roasted duck, kyuri (Japanese cucumber), crushed peanuts, coriander and tamarind seasoning. The concept of this dish is adapted from the taco where the lettuce represents the taco shell. The fillings go well paired with the lettuce. Although it’s a bit spicy, it’s fresh and delicious. It is recommended to eat this without cutlery because that way you can taste the fillings fully in one bite and it taste better.

For the main course, Blue Terrace offers various healthy choices. Seared yellow fin tuna is one choice. Pan-seared tuna is served with quinoa salad, carrot, capsicum, beetroot, cherry tomato, quail egg and candle nut pesto dressing. This is the best thing happens in one plate, and a personal favourite is the quinoa salad. The texture has the similarity to rice but it’s tastier and healthier. Quinoa offers more dietary fiber and protein than rice, so it would make a more filling addition to one’s diet. The pair of quinoa and yellow fin tuna is amazing. It’s definitely worth to try. Salmon and mushroom is also available for the main course. Seared salmon is served with mushroom, crushed potato and extra virgin olive oil, tomato salsa and basil. The texture is crispy on the outside, while the inside is so tender making this a perfect combination. The crushed potato is also incredible and it’s the perfect pair with the salmon. For those who are craving for salad, Blue Terrace also offers a wide range of salad selection and all of it are gluten free.

One will never be disappointed with Ayana’s dessert offer, and it is also the same with desserts at Blue Terrace. Caprese and Matcha Loves Ogura are some of the delicious options worth a try. Caprese is a tomato white chocolate mousse, basil gel, white micro sponge and mascarpone gelato. It’s an amazing way to end a healthy meal because the dessert is refreshing. The mascarpone gelato is best paired with the white micro sponge. To sum up, dining in Blue Terrace is recommended because it’s a complete experience.

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