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A Taste of Mexico

Tacos, Margaritas and Salsa (Dance!) at Amigos.

Mexican food might have only been introduced to Indonesia in recent years but it has become a favourite. Having the same complex flavours as Indonesian cuisine and using similar basic elements such as beans, corn, and chili pepper among others has made it acceptable for local taste buds. Even though the cuisine has been ‘trendy’ for the past few years in this city, one authentic Mexican restaurant has been serving customers since 1979. Pioneering Mexican cuisine at its best, Amigos restaurant, formerly known as The Green Pub, developed its menu with the help of its customers – mostly from Texas and Mexico – who provided their traditional home cooked recipes. Located at The Bellagio Mall, Amigos really brings the Mexican festivities into the interior designs with bright coloured paint among other typical Mexican decorations.

Amigos brings the authentic taste of Mexican food. For appetisers, one needs to start with their famous nachos – believed to be the most talked about on social media sites. The nachos fiesta is the perfect choice to start the Mexican dinner. Amigos layers tortilla chips, refried beans, melted cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and tops it off with sour cream. Once one starts eating it, it’s hard to stop as it’s really good. It lives up to my expectations and certainly is deserving of being regarded the talk-of-the-town. Served fresh from the oven, the tortilla chips are warm and tasty, and the perfect companion for a set of amazing dips.

Tacos are a must-try when one visits Amigos because they have one of the tastiest tacos in town. The restaurant even has a promotion called Taco Tuesday when customers can get an extra taco per order. We recommend getting a ground beef tacos because the amazing taste when the tomato, lettuce, beef and the taco shell mix in one’s mouth, it’s indescribable. Served with Mexican rice which taste quite similar to Indonesian fried rice but Amigos cooks the rice with tomatoes so it tastes sour but delicious. We recommend eating the tacos with hands even though it will be quite messy but it’s the only way to enjoy the taco like a real Mexican.

Sizzling plate food is also available here such as, the Amigos Fajitas served on hot plate with guacamole, sour cream, salsa fresca, ranchero sauce and steamed flour tortillas. The choices for the fajitas are grilled chicken, Australian rib eye, sirloin and tenderloin as well a vegetarian option. We tried the grilled chicken which was quite delicious. Rich ingredients permeate the chicken and it’s amazing when one is eating it with the onion and bell pepper. To eat fajitas, one needs to put all the condiments such as guacamole, sour cream and others inside the tortillas and add some chicken, then roll the tortillas. It’s an amazing mix and tastes authentic. For the main course Amigos also has Tex-Mex, Enchiladas, Burrito and others, the restaurant has a wide range of Mexican cuisine on their menu.

Amigos has a lot of drinks choices in their menu. Margarita is the favourite choice of drinks since it really tastes good and fresh, a perfect way to end one’s long day at the office. For people who love Margaritas, Amigos has a special promotion where every drink is 50 per cent off (except wine) on Monday and Saturday. Other recommended drink is the Ginger Mojito, a warm and refreshing drink, a perfect companion for the nachos. The restaurant is also famous for their Salsa Night every Tuesday where people can come and learn salsa dance and have a good time with friends. So, if one is ever craving Mexican cuisine or just wants to have a good time after work, Amigos is really the place to go.

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