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Fine Dining in the Sky

Altitude Grill offers fresher insights into steakhouse staples.

Jakarta’s culinary scene, rather like the city itself, ebbs and flows. In the past several years, more restaurants have opened up than one can count and there are still more that are slated to open their doors this year. Although there are many that have also closed, one restaurant has re-opened in a new concept – with a fresher look and a delightful menu. Altitude Grill, an American steakhouse provides sleek ambience and contemporary décor with an eye-catching attention. The kitchen at the restaurant is headed by Chef Gary Eng who mastered the art of seasoning, marinades smoking and grilling from Singapore, and serves a variety of steaks —done to perfection— to Jakartans.

Located on 64th floor of The Plaza Office Tower, Altitude Grill offers a wide range of various cuts of beef. In order to create the best sizzling experience and serving a rare type of service, Chef Eng prepares a tantalising progressive menu from the freshest and finest ingredients. Chef Eng is so thoughtful; he even prepares Wagyu Beef Sampler Platter for first timers who may not know what to order. The sampler consists of Sher MBS 8/9 Ribeye and Sher MBS 8/9 Picanha among others.

However, for the best experience at Altitude Grill, it is suggested to start the meal with Grilled Watermelon Salad. It sets quite like a burger, with grilled watermelon as the patties and feta in between. Served with Arugula and 25 year-aged balsamic, this dish is so refreshing to open up a big steak dinner. The combination between watermelon and feta is amazing because the creamy part of feta melted with the sweetness of watermelon. Classic Lobster Bisque is also recommended for all the seafood lovers as an appetiser. The moment of joy eating the creamy soup mixed with chunks of lobster and corn is certainly blissful. The show stealer is the Triple Cooked Wagyu Ox Tongue. It is rare enough to find a restaurant that is able to serve the perfect tongue dish but Chef Eng impresses diners with this dish. The ox tongue is so tender and perfect with the rich ingredients sinking into the dish. It is absolutely an experience that is hard to forget.

For the main course, there’s Sher Wagyu Porterhouse Marble Score 9 that one can only describe as a taste from heaven. Basted only with salt and pepper and grilled on wood fire, one can taste the smokey flavours coming out of the meat. Chef Eng doesn’t smother the beef with sauce because the beef itself has a different level of flavours. “We’d rather you to enjoy the flavours as you go along. It’s like smoking a good cigar with a nice whisky. Flavours come out differently, this is the culinary side of it”, he notes. Picanha can also be the choice for the cuts, enough for three people, best eaten with Altitude Grill’s homemade sauce. One of the best ways to devour the Picanha is to match it up with Chimmicuri house made sauce. Chef Eng says that the picanha is exclusive to the restaurant since they have a contract with a beef company. So it’s guaranteed that Altitude Grill only use the best quality beef in their menu.

Consistency of the flavour is the main purpose at Altitude Grill. The meat here is imported from a farm in Victoria, Australia. “The reason we chose the farm is they are very ethical farmers,’’ Eng says. “The grazing there is very keen and pristine. They only slaughter maybe 60 heads of cattle a week. So the beef is very consistent” , he adds.

To end a delicious beef dinner, Altitude Grill has set up a treat! A dessert corner is available to wash down the goodness of the smokey flavours. Classic mouth-watering desserts can be enjoyed in an all you can eat style. There is even a live-cooking station where one can order a French toast and with ice cream and toppings. All desserts are freshly made by the in-house pastry chef so it’s assured that it’s fresh from the oven.

For an excellent meal in the city centre—and one in the clouds at that!—head to Altitude Grill. It’s sure to please, with every bite.

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