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A photo exhibit on Acroyoga interprets the process of grounding oneself through Yoga.

It is well established that yoga is often the answer to life’s nagging desire to centre onself and balance out the multi-directional lives we lead. In that eternal quest for inner peace we have found ways to root ourselves to a practice and seek comfort in its joy. Indonesian yoga practitioner Fajar Putra explores the journey one takes via yoga through a photo exhibit “Yoga Anchors All: Journey of Modern Self Enlightment through your 7 Chakrtas.” Fajar, widely known on social media via the handle @PENYogaStar aims to intrepet the process of centering oneself, in 18 photos. The exhibit involves 18 Indonesian women celebrities from different backgrounds who share the same passion — health & beauty. Some of the famous individuals in the piece include Raisa, Pevita Pearce and Luna Maya among others.

The theme “Yoga Anchor All” was translated in an artistic way by the photographer, Diera Bachir. Each photo symbolises seven chakras of human energy through the Acroyoga movement modeled by Fajar and the 18 celebrities. Diera came up with different colours to represent energy associated with the chakras. This project also exhibits high fashion by the stylist Carend Delano. Carend collaborated with labels such as Dior, Lanvin, Burberry and Gucci to give the photos an haute couture vibe.

“Yoga Anchors All” attempts to convey an understanding of how human beings go through the process of connecting with the chakra energy in their lives. Each chakra connects with a specific body part which maintains the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. Each photo to represents the level of chakras which are I Am, I Feel, I Do, I Love, I Speak, I See and I understand. These seven chakras can be seen through the models’ fingers, each person demonstrating different shapes.

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