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Tapping into Indonesia's Culinary Scene

Seated in the plush confines of J.Sparrow's Bar and Grill, one is immediately struck by the ornate and sophisticated interior, the warmth of the interiors and the plush feel of the restaurant situated in Kuningan's top notch locales, Noble House. We're waiting for the restaurant's owner Reeza Budhisurya, the restaurateur behind a wealth of cafes and similar restaurants in Jakarta. He emerges through the large doorway and one is struck by his larger than life personality that is at once warm and welcoming, and puts one eat ease right away.

As he settles in to tell us his story, it is apparent that the journey he is has been on has been on has been one interesting joy ride. Raised in an enterpreneurial family (his father is Teddy Budhisurya who works in the garment industry and his mother is Agnes Budhisurya who designs haute couture clothing). When in high school Reeza Budhisurya took a vacation with his parents to Club Med in Bali. “I had so much fun and told my parents that I wanted to work here someday,” he says. Little did he know that within a decade he'd be in the industry – and be quite successful at it, too. But first, there was business school. Choosing to purusue higher education in the United States, Reeza set off for Ohio where, after completing his students, he worked at various restaurants (including at the BC Rooster's chain). and at Victoria's Secret to equip himself with the skills required to follow in his family business. “I had a lot of fun there,” Reeza reminisces. “I saw great smiles on people and made a lot of friends there,” he adds, noting that the positive experiences outweighed the difficult days.

Returning to Indonesia after seven years away Reeza along with two of his brothers and some friends founded Opco group. And so began his career path in the Food & Beverage Industry. Reeza focuses on several business (including multi-chain coffee shop Liberica, and high end restaurants Bluegrass and J.Sparrow's.) and is wholly involved from building the overall concept (some of the restaurants' ideas came about overnight during drink sessions with friends!) from the food and beverage component to the construction and design component.

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